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Whats the damage to the wallet? (cost)

If you would like an idea of how much the bikes cost take a look at the PRICES page.

We try to stick to these prices but we are talking custom bikes here so different things cost differing amounts. 

The following costs a bit more and needs to be added to the prices on our PRICES page.

1. Painted rims - £180  

2. Two tone tank work for example numbers, logos or line stripes - £350 

Will the bike be okay in ULEZ low emission zones?

If you live in a ULEZ area DONT WORRY. We are able to get most bikes regardless of age registered with the DVLA as conforming to their emission standards. There is an additional cost to this which varies depending on the bike. Usually between £300 and £500.

How long does it take to build a kickass bike?

This really depends on what our current build calendar looks like and what bike you want built but usually its between 4 to 6 weeks from when we obtain the donor bike. 

Can I come visit?

Sure, we love visitors you just need to let us know. Use our CONTACT page and say you want to come visit.

What can I change on a bike?

Lots...have a look below to give you and idea:

Tank  colour - Fender colour - Handel bar style - Exhaust style/colour - Seat colour/material - Battery box style - Frame colour - Tail light style - Grips style - Rims colour - Front forks colour - Headlight style/colour - Exhaust wrap colour - Indicator style - Leather colour

Do I have to find the donor bike?

No we can act as an agent on your behalf and buy your bike for you. We will find a bike and collect it. 

I already have my own bike I want customised.

If you already have a bike you want customised that's no issue. Contact us and we will discuss your ideas for your bike and its current condition. We will then write a Design Specification and agree on a budget. You can then arrange to get your bike to us or we can pick it up at £1 a mile from PO77RE (see more info on delivery below).

How do I get the bike once its built? (Delivery)

We can deliver the bike for you at £1.30p a mile up to 100 miles from PO77RE. If you are overseas or over 100 miles from us we can arrange a courier for you. For the UK mainland we use the courier service - they float the job and give us the best price.

I am overseas will the bike conform to my country

We build our bikes so they pass the Ministry Of Transport in the UK. We DO NOT guarantee it will meet the road vehicle requirements in your country, this is up to you. 

Can we fit an aftermarket exhaust?

We can fit an aftermarket exhaust as long as it conforms to the DVSA regulations and will pass a UK MOT. If it does not fit within the DVSA regulations and MOT standards we will only fit under the strict understanding the bike will not be used on the road and would be for demonstration purposes only.

I want one! how do I get going?

Click our 'BUILD ME A BIKE' page.

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