Whats the damage to the wallet? (cost)

If you would like an idea of how much the bikes cost take a look at the PRICES page.

We try to stick to these prices but we are talking custom bikes here so different things cost differing amounts. 

The following costs a bit more and needs to be added to the prices on our PRICES page.

1. Painted rims - £120  

2. Two tone tank work for example numbers, logos or line stripes - £230 

How long does it take to build a kickass bike?

This really depends on what our current build calendar looks like and what bike you want built but usually its between 4 to 6 weeks from when we obtain the donor bike. 

Can I come visit?

Sure, we love visitors you just need to let us know. Use our CONTACT page and say you want to come visit.

What can I change on a bike?

Lots...have a look below to give you and idea:

Tank  colour - Fender colour - Handel bar style - Exhaust style/colour - Seat colour/material - Battery box style - Frame colour - Tail light style - Grips style - Rims colour - Front forks colour - Headlight style/colour - Exhaust wrap colour - Indicator style - Leather colour

Do I have to find the donor bike?

No we can act as an agent on your behalf and buy your bike for you. We will find a bike and collect it. 

I already have my own bike I want customised.

If you already have a bike you want customised that's no issue. Contact us and we will discuss your ideas for your bike and its current condition. We will then write a Design Specification and agree on a budget. You can then arrange to get your bike to us or we can pick it up at £1 a mile from PO77RE (see more info on delivery below).

How do I get the bike once its built? (Delivery)

We can deliver the bike for you at £1.30p a mile up to 100 miles from PO77RE. If you are overseas or over 100 miles from us we can arrange a courier for you. For the UK mainland we use the courier service  shiply.com - they float the job and give us the best price.

I want one! how do I get going?

Click our 'BUILD ME A BIKE' page.

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