'The Bobber'
Triumph Bobber Green 1200cc

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3a twinthing custom Triumph bobber
5a twinthing custom Triumph bobber
2a twinthing custom Triumph bobber
4a twinthing custom Triumph bobber
6a twinthing custom Triumph bobber
1a twinthing custom Triumph bobber

Custom Triumph Bobber for sale built by Twinthing Custom Motorcycles (TTCM)  


Modifications made to this beautiful machine include:  


1 Kineo Rims Front and Rear

2 Tires – Rear- 180/55-17 Front: 120/70-17

3 Exhaust: Ceramic Black exhaust 410mm Custom Slash Cut

4 Bar end mirrors: Motogadget mo.view Glassless Mirrors

5 Rear indicators: Kellerman Atto 3in1

6 Front indicators: Kellermann Atto

7 Grips: Biltwell Grips Black

8 Custom Tank paint work

9 Custom side panels paint work

10 Custom front fender motone shorty bobbed front Aluminium

11 Twinthing laser cut side casing plaques

12 Twinthing logo laser cut teak seat plaque

13 Rear shocks – Fox rear shocks

14 Front shocks

15 Seat custom stiched brown tan leather

16 Curved Side number plate bracket

17 Small number plate

18 Motone brass exhaust studs

19 Motone mirror delete plugs

20 Brass seat plaque

21 Brass ribbed gear shifter

22 Front indicator turn signal Bracket

23 Brass Engine oil filler cap

24 Brass cylinder stud caps

25 Brass steering stem cap

26 Brass Carb/Throttle body covers

27 Vintage Hot Forged Brass Chain Adjuster Block Kit

28 Custom Fuel Gas Cap - Billet Brass and Aluminium

29 The Guvnors - Fork Top Caps Pair - Bobber Black

30 Black finned exhaust clamps

31 Up-And-Over Riser Kit for One Inch Bars - Black

32 Ventura - Bobber/Speedmaster - Ribbed Side Panels - Gloss Black

33 Finned Timing/Stator Cover - Black

34 Stator cover gasket

35 Ribbed Clutch Side Engine Cover - Black

36 Clutch cover gasket

37 EBC floating brake disks Front x 2

38 EBC Floating Rear disk

39 Gold DID Chain